Giant Steps

This post offers a few jazz licks over the John Coltrane's Giant Steps. The licks has been arranged in order of increasing playing complexity. Click on a lick to play it.

Slow Melodic Licks

Licks in this section don't require exceptional skills yet they sound authentic and pretty melodical. The first one is based on the tune itself.

The second one has a couple of syncopation and a standard 7th to 3rd resolution. Still very affordable technique-wise.

The third one is a polymetric lick composed from quarter triplets.

Eighths Notes Licks

A simple and elegant lick.

The following lick has an avoided resolution to the root note in G major chord, yet it still sounds pretty cool.

With rhythm variation added.

And one with a grace note.

Warm Up Licks

The three licks here are a bit more interesting to play on bass sorted from easier to more challenging. The first one is still in eighths notes yet without rests.

The second one has a couple of triplets and a quick speed up for half of the second bar then going back to eights.

Finaly a sixteenth note challege for bass.