Nice Major 2-5-1 Guitar Voicings

An alternative version of the major 2-5-1 chord progression for guitar. Easy played chords with an interesting sound.

#jazz-guitar #guitar-chords

10 Giant Steps Licks For Bass

A few engaging licks over the John Coltrane's Giant Steps for bass guitar and doublebass

#jazz-licks #bass

Endless Jazz Lick Approach

A few tips to achieve greater fluency in jazz improvisation, reducing mental load during solos while maintaining a high level of melodic richness

#how-to-improvise #practice

Bobby Hebb - Sunny - Solo

Sixteen-bar solo for the timeless Bobby Hebb's 'Sunny' in the key of A Minor for C instruments in treble clef.

#solo #treble-clef

About the Project

A quick introduction to the project's mission and some hints on how to use it.

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