Guitar Chords

Standard 2-5-1 Voicings

There are thousands of chord options to play over the major 2-5-1 chord progression from basic chords like shown below:

to more altered dominant seventh chords using substitutions like the following:

Click the fret diagrams above to get an idea about how they sound. In this section we will offer an additional variation that has a fesh sound.

A Nice Variation

We will do two things to get slightly more interesting sound. Firstly we will get rid of the root in a chord and replacing them with the 3rd in the bass. Secondly we will add some alterations in the dominant seventh chord and 6th to the C major chord. Listen to the chords below if they sound any more insteresting than the standard chords over the major 2-5-1 progression.

Same idea can be played using the first three strings.

Check out more options to play over major 2-5-1 in the database!